Chematic Industrial Group


Our CONTACT MATERIALS are the key to energy technology.

We have the full range of contact materials which are the heart for power generation to the household electrical appliances application.

  • Semi-Finished Contact Materials – in Wire , Strips and Profiles
  • Cladded Bimetal Strips – Inlay ,Overlay
  • Selectively Electroplated Strips and Stamped Parts
  • Thermostatic Bimetal Strips
  • Vacuum Interrupters
  • Arching Contact for circuit breakers and switchgear
  • Nuclear Fuel Sintering Boats and Plates
  • Solid or bimetal contact in rivet, disc or profile form

In LIGHTING industry , we have the advanced materials and components that goes into the high end special lamps :

  • Molybdenum Ribbons & Sleeves
  • Tungsten Electrodes
  • H4 dipped Beam Shields




























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