Chematic Industrial Group


Market leader in providing superior quality ELECTROPLATING products : Precious Metal Salts , Anodes , Proprietary Chemicals.

  • Silver Plating Salts
  • Palladium & Rhodium Plating Salts
  • Silver Anodes
  • Electroless Nickel Plating System
  • Magnesium Passivation System
  • Plasma-Chemical Coating on Al and Ti Alloys

Precious Metal Chemicals
Proprietary Plating Chemicals


THIN FILM COATING PRODUCTS : Evaporation Boat ; Tungsten Filament and Coils ; E-Beam Filament and Crucibles ; Targets for Hard-Coating and other applications.

Vacuum Coating Boats

E-Beam Crucibes

Sputtering Targets
Targets for Hard Coating


ABRASIVE POWDERS : Marco- and Micro grade Powders ( FEPA , JIS & ANSI Standards ) of White , Pink , Blue and Brown Aluminium Oxide , Black and Green Silicon Carbide & Cerium Oxide for polishing purpose.

LAPPING & POLISHING SYSTEM : diamond powder ,paste and compound ; Flat Lapping and Polishing Equipment and Accessories













































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